Electric Vehicle Charging Point (grant)

From: £179.00

Government Grants are still available (see description at the bottom of the page for more details)

Electric Vehicle Charge Point includes:

  • Installation of charging unit
  • Testing of charging unit
  • Application for grant to OLEV
  • 3 year guarentee
  • Power supply extension of up to 3 meters

Does not include

  • Supply to consumer unit (sold seperately)
  • Your existing system upgraded to meet requirements


Plugged In Electricians is an Authorised Installer for Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Own or scheduled to take delivery of an electric car
  • Car registered 2016 or newer
  • off road parking
  • Have your charge point installed by an OLEV installer

The grant provides up to £500 towards the installation of your electric charging point. The government requires that you pay 25% of the installation charge outside of this grant.

e.g. a £541 installation will cost you £135 and receive you a £406 contribution

To find out more about installing an electric vehicle charge point click here.

If you’re not eligible for the grant, then you can still have a charge point installed.


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