Plugged In Parts

Plugged In Electricians ltd provides high quality parts from suppliers throughout the UK. The parts are sourced and sold through our franchisee partner Plugged In Parts. The owner operator of this franchise is Jay Lindsay based in Durham (see terms and conditions for full details) .

Plugged In Parts will ensure a seamless and reliable product delivery service, so that your electrical installation goes according to plan.

How it works:

  • The electrician provides us with a parts order specification after your approval.
  • Using our expertise and a range of trusted suppliers, we source the products needed for your order.
  • Products are assigned to the electrician, before your scheduled booking.
  • The electrician attends the scheduled appointment with exactly the right products needed.

Simple payment system: 

  • Some orders may generate a deposit payment request which is paid online via your Plugged In Electricians ltd account.
  • Other orders will be payable as normal when your work is completed.

Any parts supplied by Plugged In Parts will be highlighted on your invoice and order so you’re in the know.

For peace of mind, Plugged In Parts guarantees your products for 12 months in conjunction with Plugged In Electricians ltd.  This means hassle free warranty replacements by contacting the office on 01524 932524 or